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Do you have a compromise agreement that you're 100% happy with?

This website is packed full of Compromise Agreement hints and tips, starting with the articles on the right hand side of your screen.

You might be interested to read the article “how much money should I get?” to get an idea of what to aim for. To quickly find out how much your compromise agreement could be worth, try our unique Compromise Agreement Calculator which is in the top right of this page.

Specialisations include:

  • Negotiating increased settlement amounts & charging percentages only
  • Tax efficiency & good references
  • Employment Tribunal representation; and
  • Signing compromise agreements within 24 hours

We are the only lawyers to put in-depth strategy & tactics on the web for free for everyone to read, because we believe in justice for employees, especially in these difficult times. If you’d like to see how we structure our fees for bespoke advice, see the Representation page.

Whether its full tribunal representation, negotiation or simply reviewing and signing your compromise agreement we will beat any employment solicitors firm in the country, in terms of quality of service, speed of delivery and cost.

Could I get Representation?

When it comes to negotiating a better deal, to find out whether we could represent you just get in touch and we will be happy to assess your case for free and without obligation. If we believe that we can increase your current offer we’ll charge you a percentage of any increase.

For reviewing and signing a compromise agreement whereby you are 100% happy with the deal, we only charge the employer, and we’re happy to limit our fees to the fee offered by your employer in the compromise agreement document itself (learn more about paying for Compromise Agreements). Get in touch and we’ll talk you through the process.

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